An essential mission of the consortium is to leverage research transfer projects. In the framework of these transfer projects the relevance of new ideas and methods can be enabled and ensured through the close cooperation with the member companies. The projects do not directly aim at commercial exploitation, but rather aim to identify the potential of innovative methods or to adapt and extend software prototypes from research so that they can be used in an industrial environment for the purpose of validation and assessment. In this way, science and research in the field of Computer Aided Process Engineering & Plant Technology for Energy and Material Conversion are supported and the emergence of innovation is promoted.

Moreover, the consortium closes the innovation chain by triggering commercialization of the successful software prototypes, e.g., by establishing a cooperation with a professional partner. The partner takes over the software, further develops it and sustainably provides a commercial product with maintenance, support, service and consulting. Besides established partner companies that already exist at the market AixCAPE® e.V. also focuses on supporting young researchers who have been involved with the prototype development or who are experts in the underlying methodologies to set up a business model and establish their own company.

The innovation pipeline in AixCAPE® from an idea to a commercially available product consists of the following phases:

  • Phase I: Long-term research
  • Phase II: Implementation of Phase I prototypes for industrial applications for expert users
  • Phase III: Commercialization for standard users


AixCAPE® is a bridge between Phase I and Phase III focusing on Phase II and especially on the following missions in the area of Computer Aided Process Engineering & Plant Technology for Energy and Material Conversion:

  • Speed-up of research transfer
    • innovation asset screening @ universities
    • innovation demand screening @ members
    • assessment / comparison / benchmarking of different methodologies in order to find possible solutions for industry
  • Execution of application-oriented research transfer projects
  • Development of prototypical software
  • Support of commercialization
  • Innovation dissemination
  • Forum for scouting modern topics, collecting the status, and providing input on emerging or leapfrogging developments to attract new projects