Data processing


The analysis of process data with advanced methods has large potential for the creation of predictive models and the improvement of process behavior. However, process data are typically not available in a form that is suitable for data analysis tools, and thus pre-processing steps are often indispensable.

A public Data Processing Compendium provided by AixCAPE® contains a plethora of workflows and best practices for pre-processing and knowledge exploitation in the process industries.

Data analysis

Due to the low cost and the available large capacities of storage media enormous amounts of data can be archived sustainably and used for process analytics. These data can be used to gain economical benefit in different phases of a plant life cycle, e.g., in process optimization (with respect to higher yield, better energy efficiency, less waste), error diagnosis, error detection, and preventive maintenance. However, the optimization potential can only be exploited if the relevant information can be extracted from the data.